screemshotThis site explains the rules of no zero roulette, a popular adaptation of the classic casino game. Find the best places to play no zero roulette online, as well as news, advice, and online casino sign-up bonuses and deals.

roulette with no 0

screemshotNo zero roulette offers a lucrative twist on the traditional online roulette wheel that we have known and loved for centuries. With no zero pocket, the house edge decreases, giving the player more chance of winning.

play roulette with no zero

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3 Star schliss said:

No Zero is a good opportunity to collect som money, but Betfair doesn't allow to bet less than 1GBP on straight up and the limit is 20GBP so there are very limited room to wait for your chance...
Betvoyager is a better place.

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History of no zero roulette

screemshotRoulette has been a popular casino game for many years, and came to prominence in 18th century France. The traditional European roulette wheel features the numbers 1-36 with one zero, while American roulette has two zeros; these pockets belong to the house and usually result in a loss for the player. However, some brave online casinos now offer a version called no zero roulette, which does away with these pockets. This alters the house edge and means players have an improved chance of winning.